Butler Information Agent

The Butler Information Agent is a program that takes plain English input, searches for information, and formulates a reply based on that information. It may use the Google Web API service to search the Internet for information to use in it's response. The code to parse natural language input for processing has yet to be selected/written.

The program is written in C# .NET. I know that there are not many Windows open source projects, and I hope that I can find enough developers. The architecture of the working model is as follows. There is a main class, ButlerCore. It gets data from classes that implement the IGetable interface. An array of such objects is passed when a ButlerCore is constructed. When the InfoOn() method of the ButlerCore is called, it returns an array of objects, each of which was returned by one of it's IGetable information sources. That just about sums up the model.

I have written several XML documents that I hope to use in the next model. Please see the XML page.

I need people to flesh out the model and improve the general architecture. Please see my SourceForge page for more information.



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